Aftercare is Important! Getting permanent make-up is an investment, and it must be taken care of for it to property heal. At its max retention, you can expect 70% of the color to stay. Not taking care of your investment will lead to retention loss. My clients take home a complete aftercare kit that is part of the service. I cannot charge you to take care of your investment at home because I want to help you acquire the best retention. Your kit includes a gentle cleanser, healing oil, shower visors, the instructions on how to care for them, and a picture guide on what to expect. Your little goody bag also includes a collagen lip mask and gold collagen eye pads. I make sure to go over EVERY single step in the aftercare for best retention and am available anytime if you have any questions or need guidance. You come visit me at my salon, but I stay with you throughout the process because I am invested in you. ❤️


Complete Aftercare Kit Included!

You are sent home with a complete aftercare kit. Kit consists of the following:


What to Expect Picture Guide

Business card

Healing Oil

Gentle Cleanser

Shower visors

Collagen lip mask

Gold Collagen Eye Pads



Summary of care

  • Day 1 of procedure:
    • Wipe the brows every 20 minutes for the next 3 hours with a water wipe.
    • Divide one drop of oil or rice size ointment to both brows if they feel really dry. Only apply oil IF needed; skin will feel tight or itchy if it needs it. 
  • Day 2 to 2 weeks after procedure:
    • Wash brows morning and night with gentle cleanser that is provided. YOU MUST WASH TO AVOID INFECTIONS, like a wound, it must be cleaned and must breath.
    • Dry brows 100% with lint free paper towel.
    • Divide one drop of oil for both brows; DO NOT OVER APPLY, you will suffocate the open skin. Only apply a VERY thin amount and ONLY IF NEEDED, skin must feel tight, dry, or itchy for you to apply (this dryness may take place until day 4-6 from procedure).
    • Repeat this every night, until there are no signs of scabs, usually 10-14 days from procedure. 

* Read the in-depth details of caring for your new brows to ensure their longevity. 


In-Depth Details of Care

  • Area will appear thicker and darker the first 1 to 2 weeks and may scab or flake on days 3 to 14.
  • Monitor treated area for 3 hours and gently dab excess lymph fluid off with clean hands and wet tissue; this ensures lymph fluid that might have built up will be removed. 
  • Avoid sleeping on treated area, steam in shower and/or bath while healing.
  • Do not let shower head hit brows directly while healing.
  • Every night, wash hands for 20 seconds then gently wash brows, let them dry 100 percent before re-applying a thin, rice grain size (that is enough for both) amount of ointment with a Q-tip. Apply ointment only when the brow area feels dry, which is before and during the scabbing phase (around day 3-10). Less is more with the ointment. You want the skin to be able to breath in order to heal properly. Once all scabs have fallen off, you do not need to apply more ointment.
  • No strenuous exercise for 7 days. Sweat can lead to infection. Salt from the sweat can lead to pre-mature fading and will require more touch ups. Salt in sweat is like saline water which is actually used to remove pigment. 
  • No water activities, steam room or sauna for 14 days to avoid infection and pigment loss. 
  • No make up on treated area for 14 days. Makeup homes a lot of bacteria and can enter the open skin, changing the color of the pigment that's adhering. 
  • Do not pet animals or garden while healing to avoid infection.
  • DO NOT scrub, pick, rub or scratch treated area. Picking scab will result in pigment loss, scarring and delayed healing.
  • Several session may be needed to achieve goals. Building on pigment makes the treated area look better with each session. An 80 percent improvement is a realistic goal. TRUST THE PROCESS. 
  • I recommend annual touch ups. This is a low maintenance procedure, not NO maintenance. 
  • If you have excessive redness, swelling, tenderness, elevated temperature or purulent drainage from procedure site please contact your physician as the area may be infected.
  • IN THE NEXT 30 DAYS AVOID: Sun tanning, sunbeds, light (laser) therapy, chemical peels, fruit acids, microdermabrasion, creams that contain regeneration factors. You should avoid laser treatments during the healing period (Fraxellaser, IPL) because they can destroy the pigment and cause inflammation. Faster fading out of pigment can happen if client is using antibiotics or hormonal therapy. Always protect your eyebrows by using sun protection cream and avoiding sun (not only during the first 30 days). 
  • After the scabbing stage, brows will be in the light stage and there will be a superficial layer of light skin, almost ashy looking layer, on the brow. The pigment is resurfacing the following weeks. This is all part of the healing process. 

Eyeliner Aftercare

  • Right after procedure, you will notice lymph fluid, gently blot the area to remove the fluid. 

  • To minimize swelling after procedure, you may use an ice pack with a clean barrier, such as a tissue, for ten minutes maximum per hour for the next 3 hours.

  • Expect a certain amount of mattering around the eyelashes in the morning, and/or swelling of the eyelids, caused by natural nighttime fluid retention. 

  • The eye area may be cleaned gently with clean, warm compresses, you can use mild antibacterial soap. Make sure to be 100% dry, then apply ointment to the treatment area afterwards; this must be done in the morning and night. May be done a third time if eye area feels too dry. 

  • Ointment must be dabbed with a clean swab along the lashes. 

  • Avoid touching the eye area except for clean cotton swabs. 

  • Continue for 7 days or until all flakiness and itching sensation from skin healing is gone. Do not pick on the scabs as this will affect the pigment retention and can cause scarring or infection. 

  • Do not use mascara until the healing is complete. 

  • Do not use saline eyedrops until healed, as this can lift pigment out of skin. 

  • Do not stretch or rub the eye as this can cause pigment migration. 

  • Avoid long, hot, showers, saunas, jacuzzis, and swimming. 

  • Avoid using anti-aging creams, chemical peels, retinol around tattoo area for 30 days. 

  • Do not expose the treated area to sun or tanning bed for 4 weeks.

  • Liner must be given 40 days to fully heal. As it heals, it will go through stages.




What to Expect During Healing