Effective saline tattoo removal; it is a non-acid, high salt based, fruit seed extract. This solution is made in a FDA lab and is vegan certified.

Li-ft ingredients:

Sea salt powder 

Lemon seed extract

Orange seed extract 

Aloe Vera  

Sterile water

Emergency Removal-$200

1 hour

  • Emergency removal must be done within 48 hours of getting microblading or shading; after 48 hours, skin has started to close and will not receive the correct quantity of saline. Skin must then be reopened through the process of a regular Saline Removal/Lightening and client might need multiple sessions to remove.
  • Work will lighten 60-99%, depending on the skin and condition of tattoo.
  • The deeper the tattoo is in skin, the more it will resist lifting.

Saline Removal/Lightening-$150

1.5 hours

  • Previous work can be lighten or removed by inserting saline into the skin.
  • Through a process of osmosis, the salt in the LiFt solution pulls the water from the skin to the surface, pushing out the pigment that has been implanted.
  • The old pigment is then contained in a scab which will fall as the skin heals.
  • Multiple sessions might be required for a tattoo to be fully removed or drastically lightened. Cannot predetermine how many sessions will be needed or guarantee how much will be lifted.
  • Factors that contribute to multiple sessions: how old tattoo is, how deep the artist implanted, and how saturated the pigment is.
  • Client MUST wait 8 weeks between sessions to ensure skin is healed before another session can be conducted.

* Immediate results are not visible right after procedure and tattoo might look darker in the beginning. Once the scabbing falls off on its own, the true amount of lightening will be seen. 


***Clients are sent home with a complete aftercare kit to assist in skin healing.