The Nano Blade! 

The Nano Blade

The smallest, thinnest microblading U blade that creates thin, crisp natural-looking hair strokes. Made of sharp stainless steel needles that do not dull. Delivers the least amount of trauma to the skin.

Kwadron PMU Optima Cartridge

The Kwadron: a leader in the tattoo industry. These disposable catridges deliver beautiful, delicate pixels while providing a system that guarantees the highest standards of safety and hygiene. It's a win-win.

Its versatility is AMAZING~

PMU uses:

♥️ Microshading in between hairstrokes for a natural, fuller look: The Combo Brow.

♥️ Powder shading throughout the brow while gradiently shading from the arch to the center. A very soft shading that looks natural.

♥️ Ombre shading has density from the tail to the body of the brow, but fades at the center: that fresh make- up look.

❤️ Clean, defined hairstrokes: the Nano Machine strokes. Pair these strokes with shading and you get a hyperrealistic set of brows! 



Setting up the mapping tray!

Getting brows to reach a symmetrical look involves many tools. These are my Go To!

🌙 Sharpie Wax Pencils are perfect and are resistant against the numbing creams, I use Zensa. I use a sharpened pencil for outlining and a dull one to ink my string.👇
🌙 The string. The string I like to use is a 100% Polyester sewing thread. Why? It is a lot less messy and produces thinner lines than pre-inked. I just pass it through the pencil multiple times to get a good amount of ink on it. I can control the area the ink covers, which is less messy when it comes to mapping and going across clients' face.
🌙 Caliper is a must for accuracy. It will measure the areas to ensure symmetry between brows. I like the battery operated one, but a regular one will work perfectly too.
🌙 An alcohol pad is essential and cannot be skipped. Disinfecting the brow area is a must to ensure there is no risk of infection.
🌙 The Ink Soap! The ink soap is used only when the client has make-up on, you then follow up with the alcohol pad.
🌙 Brow paste and disposable brush. This paste is ideal for ombre/powder brows. You use it to highlight the contrast between the outline and the area not getting touched. With a better visual you are able to do precise outlines.
🌙 A gel pen that is contrasting to clients' skin is perfect for making your dots: centers, top and bottom of arch, and tail.
🌙 Microswabs are a must to clean up outlines and get those thin crisp lines. I have used plastic ones and wooden ones, wooden are my favorite.
🌙 A dry pad is important to dry if you needed to wash clients brows. A wet wipe is important to moisten the swabs as you are cleaning the outline and lines.

The Ink Soap!


This is the soap I use throughout procedure ❤️

Ink Soap consists of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils:

  • Lavandula angustifolia oil (calms and soothes skin, antimicrobial, antibacterial)
  • Melaleuca alternifolia oil (soothing, antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti inflammatory) 
  • Mentha piperita oil (reduces pain, stress, redness, and itching, promotes healthy skin/healing)
  • Ink oil proprietary blend

Ink Soap is made with a  combination of natural ingredients.It is a concentrated Castile soap that calms irritated skin, reduces redness and pain, and fights infection. Ink Soap contains natural analgesics and pathogen fighting essential oils that gently remove dirt and oil from clients' skin, protects brows from infection, and enhances healed results.