Before and Afters!

I deliver unfiltered, unmodified pictures that show raw footage of before and afters. The real deal.

Realistic nano hairstrokes for permanent eyebrow make-up. Can be done on MANY skin types. At West Covina, California.
Permanent nano hairstrokes on mature skin. Permanent realistic fuller eyebrows.
Nano machine brows. Hairstrokes and shading done with machine. Very gentle procedure that delivers hyperrealistic 3d brows.
Permanent make-up, permanent eyebrows. Very little trauma. Hyperrealistic. Fuller natural looking. Picture taken right after procedure.
Nano brows. A combo with hairstrokes and shading. These are done with no harsh outline, just softness with pixels.
A powder brow has no sharp outline, it is a pixelated look that gives beautiful gradient, soft brows. Perfect for MANY skin types and ages. West Covina El Monte Baldwin Park
Healed hairstrokes after one session. Hairstrokes healed softly and natural looking. Can be done in many skin types including mature skin.
Cover up on a 3 year old, red microblading from another artist. Left client with natural looking, ashy brows. Perfect brows everyday.
Touch-ups are HIGHLY recommended for more longevity. Servicing LA County, San Bernardino County, Covina, Glendora, Azusa, Upland, Ontario, El Monte, La Puente
Before and after permanent make-up for eyebrows. Smudgeproof, waterproof, sweatproof brows. Great for little to no hair. Discounted prices.
Hyperrealistic, 3deyebrows. Hairstrokes and shading, natural looking brows. Permanent make-up, nano strokes microshading.
Pre-drawing hairstrokes done before procedure. Client sees the design beforehand, once approved, permanent eyebrow make-up begins.
Let me define your #brows and give you those that match your features and #haircolor! #westcovina #covina #azusa #glendora #baldwinpark #alhambra #lapuente
Soft powder brows. Perfect for MANY skin types. Soft and gradient pixels. Covina Glendora Azusa Upland Ontario Chino Rancho Cucamonga
Permanent eyebrows on mature, thin, sensitive skin. Want to cover up previous faded work? Take advantage of my limited time deal!
Hairstrokes with shading for fuller natural-looking eyebrows. Permanent brows that are sweatproof, smudgeproof, and waterproof.
Sparse brows to full natural looking brows. Combination eyebrow.
Beautiful before and after on sensitive skin! Just a little bit pink, small swelling. Per client, no pain just little discomfort that felt like scratching.
Nano brows give you fuller natural-looking brows using only needles. Beautiful, soft brows with a matching color for perfection. Before and after. Save time getting ready with permanent brows.
Beautiful and natural symmetry can be achieved through permanent makeup. This client got hairstrokes with dimensional shading for 3D hyperrealistic brows. Natural looking brows in West Covina, Los Angeles County.
The pixel technique hairstrokes. Client will heal softly as the pixels offer a soft gradient effect for airy brows.
Nano combination brows. Hairstrokes and shading done with machine. Realistic eyebrows.
Brow cover up on 10+ year old, red work. A powder ombre for softness. Covina, Glendora, Azusa, Alhambra, Upland, Ontario, Montclair, Chino.
Soft powder brow on mature skin. Hardly any redness or swelling.
Pixelbladed nano hairstrokes with shading. 3d eyebrows. Hyperrealistic brows! Maquillaje permanente que se ve natural.
Pixelbladed hairstrokes. Pixel strokes for a soft, defined natural look. Fuller brows in West Covina, Los Angeles County.
Crisp hair strokes for a combination brow. Crisp strokes implanted strategically and delicately for a perfect blending with natural brow hair.
Before and after, fuller fluffy brows. Permanent make-up can help you achieve achieve symmetry. Located in West Covina, Los Angeles County.
Permanent Lash eyeliner. Pixelated with slight smoky.
Combination eyebrow. A fuller, denser look that looks natural. Nano micro bladed brows. Light, natural-looking shading. You woke up like this!
Of previous work is drastically faded, a new brow can be designed. If brow area is too saturated, I offer removal/lightening to lighten enough for a cover-up. Permanent make-up at West Covina.
Combo brow perfect for sparse to no brows.
Soft shading on mature skin. Gradually adding pixels for a soft ombre look.
Such a fulfillment when color matching to hair color. Located in West Covina, serving Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Inland Empire.