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- excludes eyeliner, saline removal, and touch-ups.

Services Offered

Permanent Lash Line Enhancement (top and/or bottom eyeliner) 6-8 week touch-up included $250
Microblading only (Nano Bladed 3D Hairstrokes) $400
Pixelblading (pixel bladed strokes) $450
Powder Brows $450
Ombre Brows $450
Combo Brows (microblading and shading) $500
Ombre Brow Correction Cover Up (previous work must be 70% faded) $550
Removal/lightening per session $150
TOUCH UP (6-8 weeks). $100
TOUCH UP (3-6 months) $150
TOUCH UP (6 to 18 months) $250
TOUCH UP (18 to 24 months) $350

Permanent Lash Enhancement Eyeliner Make-up

 $250.00- touch-up included

Permanent Lash Line Enhancement is a thin eyeliner that is also known as invisible eyeliner. It extends, lifts, and opens the eyes. Lashes appear darker, fuller and longer. It is the most natural looking permanent eyeliner due to how closely and thinly it sits on the lashline, yet gives amazing dimension and contrast to pupil. Bottom liner also offered with 3 designs (1/3, 1/2, or 3/4 length. No more smudging or smearing. Done with a manual tool that very gently implants pigment.

Microblading Only

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Using a nano blade, the thinnest blades available, hairstrokes are implanted unto the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin); this creates thin crisp, hairlike strokes that resemble real brow hair. Microblading only is ideal for those who already have brow hair but want a fuller look, can be done on those with sparse to no brow hair, but will have gaps between strokes. Not ideal for oily skin due to skin blurring strokes as they heal. 

Ombre Brow

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Pixels of pigment are implanted on the epidermis and are gradually built up, resulting in an ombre effect where the tail and the arch of the brow is dense in pigment and then gradually fades towards the center. This procedure is great for many skin types, including those with oily skin and mature skin. Want a make-up look, this is it! 

Powder Brow

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Similar to the ombre brow, with the implantation of pixels on the skin. The powder brow is softer and more gradient than the ombre brow. This look makes the brows appear denser but have a soft look as well due to the larger fading effect.

Combination Eyebrow (Combo Hybrid Brow)

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Combination of microblading and shading. This is a popular option due to giving you that full natural look if you have sparse brows. I microblade first using nano blades, then finish with a soft powder shading effect. Can be denser and more defined if you prefer a fuller look or make-up look. 

Brow Correction Cover-up 

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This option is for those who have previous work done and need correction. Can only be done if previous work is 70% faded. Pixels implanted will not adhere if the brows are too saturated from previous work. Cover-up might require more sessions to fully correct work, such as those with red or blue undertones. If previous work is very thin and faded, a combination brow can be applied. For those with thicker, faded eyebrows, the only option will be an ombre cover up. Must send a picture of brows to see how faded they are.

***If previous work is too saturated, too thick, or too close at the centers, a removal/lightening procedure must be conducted to lighten it enough for new work to be applied. I offer a saline removing service which is natural. See link on Saline removal for more information.


$150 per session

Effective saline tattoo removal; it is a non-acid, high salt based, fruit seed extract. This solution is made in a FDA lab and is vegan certified.

  • Emergency Removals must be done within 48 hours from ombre or microblading that was done. If more than 48 hours have passed, client must wait for brows to heal and book an appointment for a regular removal. 
  • Cannot predetermine how many sessions are going to be needed to fully or drastically lighten the tattoo. 
  • Multiple sessions might be needed depending on skin and condition of tattoo.